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Reshaping healthcare one system at a time.

Through our unique technologies and deep expertise we provide software solutions for medical device suppliers, Surgeons and Hospitals

Our Purpose

Hospitals waste over $12 billion annually as a result of communication inefficiency.

With 50+ years combined experience in the industry we've seen first hand how siloed and inefficient the healthcare system is. We've combined cutting edge tech with deep industry knowledge, to give the industry a different way to work.
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Connecting healthcare stakeholders easily

Using tech adopted from other industry's we aim to remove data silo's, enhance secure communication and improve industry efficiency.

Secure data and communications
Uniting HCP's and Suppliers
Industry specific solution

Scale without the cost & commitment

We set out to build the worlds first set of software products specifically for the medical device industry. Utilising our teams deep industry knowledge we aim to provide medical device software solutions that solve some of the industries current challenges

our products

Products designed by industry experts for industry experts

We've felt your pain and listened to your challenges, so we built the worlds first suite of software product designed specifically for the medical device industry.


Mobile system built to improve the process of field inventory counting and scheduling.
Schedule & assign counts to field staff
Reads all medical device barcodes
Track your teams progress in real time


One system to co-ordinate all stakeholders and data relating to surgical cases.
Connect HCP's, Reps and Operations
Secure HIPAA compliant system
Scheduling, and loan kit booking  


Work flow management tool for custom procedures, connecting Surgeon, Rep & Operations Teams.
Mobile task notifications for HCP's
Custom product dependant workflow
Track progress on mobile or desktop
Mobile APPs

Connect sales and operations teams

Our mobile apps bring real time connection between field and internal teams that drive efficiency & time savings.


We have the right software solution for you

We'll work with you to define the right solution

Solution Benefits :
Monthly per user billing
Upgrades and features delivered FOC
Support included
Solution Benefits :
Custom branding and processes captured
API integration with existing systems
You chose direction of future development
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Our philospohy

Software is easy, people are hard.

We know how hard change management and software implementation is! Which is why we developed our own implementation framework which we call the 'Success Pyramid' , its focuses on 3 core streams to ensure project success.

why opologic

We know what it takes for success

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Secure Systems
HIPAA compliant systems
Keeping your data safe
Industry Knowledge
Medical Device Industry specialists
Experienced system designers
Future Proof
Utilising latest cloud technologies
Providing opportunity for scale
Flexible Approach
Custom software builds
Implementation consulting
Customer Story

Revolutionised our clinical data collection.

“ The team at Opologic helped us build a custom app that facilitated collection of clinical data from our studies by connecting surgeons, practice manager and reps via a mobile application.
Chris Burgess
Marketing Manager - Signature Orthopeadics
Customer Story

Our software is our key product differentiator.

“ Working with Opologic helped us clearly define the value add that class leading technology can have for our implantable products and develop a system that generates efficiencies for both hospitals, surgeons and supplier“
Samuel Grasso
Technical Manager - Personalised Surgery

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