Case info in one place, not all over the place.

Case is a mobile app that helps reps simplify the process of surgical case management

Record Implant Usage

Inbuilt scanning capabilities, makes case usage reporting a quick and simple process. 

Case Management

Manage all up coming cases, including surgeon preferences, usage and notes. 

Store data securely

Case data is safely stored on an encrypted cloud database, making it safe and accessible.

Out with the old,

in with the app.

For Sales Reps who are constantly working whilst on the move, Case is the ultimate mobile tool to support them in planning, managing and communicating their work.

Complete control all of the time.

Have all your upcoming cases mapped onto your calendar,  with intelligent notifications and reminders to help you stay in control of your busy schedule.

Would you like to add a New Case?

Effortlessly add new cases to your calendar by using our integrated Google voice assistant to define the key information, such as date, time and location.  Come back later to easily add more detailed information.

Calendar View

Add all upcoming cases & view them as a list or on your calendar so you know exactly where you need to be, and when.

Real Time Progress

Integrated scanning technology allows you to quickly and easily record your product usage against each of your cases.

Easy Deployment

Deploy Case to an unlimited number of your mobile workforce in seconds via the app store. No fuss, no headaches.

Custom instances

We are currently working on features and enhancements of the Case App, our awesome team of developers are working overtime to get Case in the hand of as many medical device reps around the world as possible.

Sign up and we'll let you know when features and updates for the Case App are available.

We'll Let you know when we're LIVE

Free access to the system as part of our early adopter program

Made for medical 

device industry.

Struggling to read different barcode variants? We understand, that's why we built Case. Our label recognition system eliminates the need for a barcode standard on your products.

Eliminating your barcode scanning challenges.



More Efficient 


We hate stock takes as much as you!

That's why we implemented our Patented scanning technology from our dedicated Scan Application into Case.  Now you can record inventory onsite all within Case.

Let one of our experts show you how Case can benefit your business.



The 3 pillars of any successful system implementation are People, Process and System. Our holistic approach to software engineering is to focus on all three areas in our design ensuring we can build technologies that seamlessly interact and benefit businesses. 

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