Surgical case management made quick and easy

Unite all of your stakeholders in a single secure software platform to improve cost, communication and efficiencies


Connect everyone that needs to know

Case helps you connect all the stakeholder in end to end process of delivering a surgical case, through secure mobile and desktop platform.

HCP's - Surgeon's, Practices Managers, Doctors
Hospitals - Theatres, CSSD,
Companies - Reps, Kit Room, Customer Service, Logistics

The tool your teams have always wanted to use

Built to give your teams the tools non industry specific software just can't provide, delivered in a way that makes their roles easier and more effective.

Reps - Kit bookings, Surgeon preferences, Tasks etc
Operations - Kit fleet management, Case usage reports etc
HCPs - Booking requests, case specific communication etc
customer DATA

Don't loose the most valuable thing you own

Built to function as a customer focused CRM system and productivity tool, CASE easily captures vital customer and implant data so it doesn't leave when reps leave.

Surgeon - Name, Specialites, Contacts, Preferences etc
Hospital - Key contacts, Notes, access info
Product - Usage data, Consignment data, Communications
who we help

Remove communication silo's and drive efficiency's for all

Our systems unique ability to connect all of the stakeholders in the process means we have a feature sets tailored at each role in the process.

Request product, communicate with sales teams, view critical documentation all from one app connected to multiple suppliers.

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Sales Reps

A combined productivity and CRM tool, combining the processes you currently perform into one single, secure platform.

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Op's Teams

Connect with your sales teams like never before, instantly receive critical updates and stay in touch with field based teams and hospitals.

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The complete package in one single, secure system.

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Loan Kits
Case allows sales reps, practice mangers or Dr's to request and book loan kits via mobile app. The operations portal allows logistics staff to allocate and track kits against bookings.
Use case to record key customer data against surgeons or hospitals such as key contact information, surgeon preferences, notes and key communication.
Implant Usage
inbuilt scanning technology allows you to quickly scan implant usage from packaging or charge sheets, these get automatically transmitted to you billing teams to accelerate process.
Document Drive
A built in document repository gives all stakeholders access to the right documents at the right time. Secure drive with access privileges to help you manage important business docs.
To do list
Manage you day to day tasks with our intuitive task management list. Allowing you to assign tasks and  against hospitals or surgeons so you can stay on top of everything.
Stock takes
Functionality built into the app the schedules and assigns stock take to mobile users, to make sure your field consignment locations are managed on time, every time.

It's time to change the way you work.

Let us show you how CASE unites your systems and your all of your stake holders
CASE in action

The productivity tool built for the medical device industry

Our key features have been built with the input of hundreds of industry personnel,  making our users roles easier to manage whilst providing a range range of company benefits.


Both reps and HCP's can book and request cases using our easy and intuitive booking flow. Any changes to the case are shared between all stake holders.
Easily book cases and kits
Create user relationships to share info
Get instant notifications of bookings


Keeping all of your case data in one easy to access place, surgeon preferences, documents, implant usage. The productivity tool you've always wanted to use.
Record and communicate case info
Case Notes & Case documents
Shipment tracking


Case is designed to share critical information with all stakeholders, giving them what they need when they need it. Our features allow businesses to chose what they share and when.
Document repository & share functions
Invite and connect HCP's
Secure and safe
how it works

Connecting all the dots

Streamline communication and co-ordination along the entire pathway.

HCP Request

Make booking requests and view schedules with multiple suppliers

Rep Review

Review requests and make new bookings for kits and products

Equipment Dispatch

Use the system to dispatch and record the equipment sent and where

Hospital Updated

Gain visibility on product delivery schedules and key information

Change the way you interact with your teams and customers

Industry leading software solution that add value to the services you provide to your customers.


Improve communication between all stake holders, ensuring nothing gets missed and vital data gets captured accurately and efficiently

Reduce Risk

Using case reduces your risk of data breaches by securing communications. Reduces risk of thigs getting missed through inteligent alerts

Cost Effective

Pay by the user and scale the system in line with you business. No upfront investment in custom development, case is ready to go out of the box

Own Data

Your users capture vital data all day everyday, capture this and keep it so it doesn't leave your business when your users leave your business.


Everything you need at a price you can afford

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Connect with customers
Surgeons - App
Practice Managers - Web
Sterile Services
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Case Management
Mobile App
Web portal
Case info shared with surgeon
Accept customer case requests
Record Surgeon Preferences
Record and share case notes
Case bookings calendar view
Case related documents upload
Case equipment shipment tracking
Transfer case to team member
Usage recording
Scan implant barcodes
GS1 & HIBCC standards
Optical label reader
Supplementary image capture
Notification of overdue usage
Document Repository
Supports PDF, DOC, XLS, MP4 etc
Set view permissions
Set internal and external visability
Doc & Procedure Tags
Loan Kits
Book kits via app
Take customer requests
Kit and set builder
Ship and trace kits and sets
Add courier tracking info
Record kit implant usage
Surgeon Records
- Surgeon preferences
- Associated tasks
- Contact details
Hospital Records
- Hospital contacts
- Account notes
- Associated Tasks
Task Manager
- To do tasks
- Due dates
- Tag rep & surgeon
Inventory Counting
Create counts
Scan GS1 barcodes
Scan HIBCC barcodes
Count notes
Capture count images

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and learn how we've taken time to build a product that meets the medical device industry needs
More questions?  Get in touch
Do I need an ERP system to run case?

No, but you can if you like!

Case is the first stand alone productivity tool built for the medical device industry. We've built case to allow companies that cant afford a multi million dollar ERP implementation to have access to the same level of system large enterprises have.


If you are a large corporation and don't want to spend a few million more on customising you current ERP to handle all the cool things Case does, then no problem ... use our secure API's to pull the data your want, when you want it. clicking here!

Can I integrate with case?


Secure API's let you integrate current systems with case to pull the data you need

How secure is case?

Very Secure

We use case to record, sensitive healthcare information with its use being to improve the patient outcomes but ensure the right information is communicated, at the right time to the right stakeholders. Because of this we take our responsibility very seriously around the protection of data.

Our systems are all HIPAA compliant, Our data in motion is secured to TLS 1.3 standard, and our stored data is encrypted at the storage level using AES256.

Plus many other measures we have in place to secure and protect your data

How much does it cost my customers?


For your customers and stakeholders you choose to connect to the system and share case data and documents with the app is free!

'What , actually free?' I hear you ask ... Um yes, actually free, you just pay for your direct team

How long does it take to set up?

'S#!t in = S#!t out'

Like my old IT school teacher told me, a good system is only created with good clean data being entered to start. For that we help you optimise your data structure.

The system has a very easy to navigate UI making it easy for most users to set up and link there data in ways which make the system do a lot of leg work for your teams post setup.

Typically we have most businesses up and running start to finish in 2 days.

How much is does it cost to service and support?

There are no extra costs.

Our monthly costs include everything, service, maintenance, support, storage , data transfer costs.

We told you we were here to change the way the medical device industry sees software.