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Building a better industry through technology

Our why

The reason it all started and why

Having worked in the medical device industry for many years, and been at the heart of many system implementation it was clear there had to be a better way.   The lack of industry specific software that delivered features the industry desperately needed led us down a path to build a solution.

Over the course of our industry tenure pressure on the healthcare system to reduce cost, and simultaneously raise  patient care standards grew.   Whilst other industries turned to technology to drive efficiencies, unite stakeholders and deliver better service the medical device industry stalled.

We set out to bring leading technologies to the medical device industry in order to facilitate;

- Connection between key stake holders - ie Surgeon, Hospital, CSSD, Sales Reps, and Suppliers
- Remove data silos - Hospitals and distributors operating independently not sharing data effectively.
- Communication - Remove communication errors between stakeholders that create safety risks

The things that make our teams tick.

Building software is easy... building good software that end users love 😍 is hard!

It takes the passion of a whole team.
Get into it, what ever you do get into it. Learn it, test it, change it, live it. The passion for what we do at work and at home makes us the people we are. We love a curious learner.
People Software
If you don't understand the business process you don't write code. To many software product miss the mark in the industry as they are not designed for the industry, we are rewriting what's possible.
Ninja Fast
When things need doing they need doing fast, we employ the fastest ninja cats to make sure we can deliver when we need to.

Our journey so far...

Opologic was born weighing 1.2 database's - Happy & Healthy
Our first product was a very simple database managing instrument sets, a good 1st try.
We're on to something here, lets go guys!
Having built a number of solutions for suppliers there were a number of core industry trends that emerged.
Scan makes its debut performance and excels.xls
Our first SAAS product to make it to the app store release. Like proud parents we watch her flourish.
Pandemic makes us hide inside and write awesome code
Dev's like quiet, dark rooms and minimal meetings, their wish was granted and they doubled down.
Case launches and is currently on course to the moon
We launched case into the Australian market and we've had a significant uptake double the size of our team.

We're building to help the global industry


Our Team

Doug North
Jon Quinton
Co-Founder / CEO
Rob Kidd
Co-Founder / CTO
Dr David Parker
(BMedSci, MBBS, FRACS, FAOrthA) - Orthopaedic Surgery Consultant
Dr Brett Fritsch
(MBBS SSc(Med) Honours I, FRACS, FAOrthA) - Orthopaedic Surgery Consultant
Jon Quinton
Co-Founder / CEO
Rob Kidd
Co-Founder CTO
Liam White
Technical Lead
Tom Llewelyn
Chief Architect
Valdimir Maklyakov
Software Engineer
Nina Pyatov
Software Engineer
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