Signature Orthopeadics

Post operative clinical data collection

A platform allowing case bookings and clinical data to be captured in a mobile application by sales reps and clinical staff members

Business Challenge

Signature required a system to deliver an end user front end to their ERP system, to allow case bookings to be made and clinical data to be captured in a mobile first enviroment.

iOS Application
Web Portal
API integration with ERP system
Secure, Robust, Scalable framework built to handle data and users across Signatures international user base

In collaboration with Signature Orthopaedics, we embarked on a groundbreaking project to develop a tailored case management and clinical data collection tool. This comprehensive solution includes a sophisticated iOS application and an intuitive web portal, serving both clinicians and administrators. The primary objective was to seamlessly unite case management and data collection, enhancing efficiency and facilitating in-depth data analysis.


The scoping phase involved a meticulous assessment of the specific needs within orthopedic case management and clinical data collection. Recognizing the critical importance of user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive data analysis capabilities, our goal was to create a solution that optimally supported both clinical practitioners and administrative functions.


Our development process capitalized on the robust features of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing a modern, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure. The iOS application was carefully crafted to offer an intuitive interface for clinicians, enabling efficient case management and data collection on the go. Simultaneously, the web portal served as a central hub for administrative functions and in-depth data analysis.

A custom-built API was developed to seamlessly transition usage data from the bespoke platform to the client's ERP system, ensuring a streamlined flow of information and integration with existing workflows.


Upon successful development, rigorous testing, and adherence to data security standards, we delivered a comprehensive case management and clinical data collection tool to Signature Orthopaedics. The iOS app, web portal, and custom API collectively empower clinicians and administrators alike, fostering efficient case management, data collection, and seamless integration with the ERP system.

This tailored solution not only met but exceeded the specific requirements of Signature Orthopaedics, setting a new standard for efficiency and data-driven decision-making in orthopedic practice. The cutting-edge tool is poised to enhance the overall workflow, facilitating seamless collaboration and empowering Signature Orthopaedics with robust capabilities for case management and clinical data analysis.

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