Personalised Surgery

Patient Specific Implant Planning Software

App and Web platform to unite the workflow of Surgeons ,Engineering teams, and manufacturer in the process of planning a PSI

Business Challenge

Personalised surgery needed to find a technology that could seamlessly optimise the process of planning a PSI to make it more transparent and more effecient

Progressive Web Application
HIPAA Compliant Security & Encryption
Google Cloud Platform
Progressive Web Application built to support multiple workflows across process stakeholders internationally based

In collaboration with Personalised Surgery, we embarked on an innovative project to develop a bespoke patient-specific workflow planning tool, comprising both a sophisticated mobile application and a web platform. The primary goal was to establish a unified and transparent collaboration channel between surgeons and engineering teams in the intricate process of planning patient-specific implants (PSI). The imperative for personalized surgery necessitated the adoption of cutting-edge technology to seamlessly optimize the workflow, making it more transparent and efficient.


The scoping phase of the project involved a meticulous examination of the unique requirements inherent in personalized surgery planning. Understanding the critical need for transparency and efficiency in the collaboration between surgeons and engineering teams, we aimed to create a solution that would streamline the planning of patient-specific implants. The scope was refined to prioritize user-friendly interfaces and real-time collaboration features to enhance communication between geographically separated teams.


Our development process leveraged the robust capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create a modern, fast, and secure cloud infrastructure. The GCP infrastructure was tailored to accommodate the specific needs of a geographically dispersed user base, ensuring reliability, scalability, and security in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The application development focused on creating an intuitive mobile app that surgeons and engineering teams could seamlessly integrate into their daily workflow. This app facilitated real-time collaboration, allowing surgeons and engineers to work in tandem, optimizing the planning of patient-specific implants. Special attention was given to ensuring the application's compliance with HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing the highest standards of medical data security.

The web platform acted as a centralized hub for collaboration, providing a comprehensive interface for the planning process. It enabled the storage and retrieval of vital patient-specific data securely, fostering efficient communication and decision-making between stakeholders.


Upon successful development, rigorous testing, and adherence to stringent security standards, we delivered a comprehensive patient-specific workflow planning tool to Personalised Surgery. The application seamlessly united surgeons and engineering teams, enhancing collaboration and transparency in the planning of patient-specific implants. The modern, secure, and HIPAA-compliant GCP infrastructure ensured that the tool met the highest standards of data security and accessibility for the geographically distributed user base.

This bespoke solution not only addressed the specific challenges posed by personalized surgery planning but also set a new standard for efficiency, transparency, and collaboration in the medical field. Personalised Surgery now possesses a cutting-edge tool that empowers their teams to work cohesively, ultimately contributing to elevated standards in patient-specific implant planning.

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