KLS Martin

Implant Scanning Stocktake Platform

Mobile application built to scan all medical device barcodes, for use in warehouse stock takes & consignment counts

Business Challenge

Business required better way of conducting stock takes through enhanced scanning technology capable of reading different barcode variants.

iOS and Web Portal
Cloud Based Architecture
Machine learning & OCR functionality
Built using GCP infrastructure to provide a modern, fast and robust and secure cloud infrastructure for geographically separate user base

In collaboration with KLS Martin, we undertook a comprehensive project to revolutionize their inventory management processes through a custom barcode scanning application. The primary objective was to establish a seamless, efficient, and technologically advanced solution for scanning all medical device barcodes during stock and consignment counts.


Understanding the critical need for accuracy and speed in stock-taking procedures, our scoping phase delved deep into the specific requirements of KLS Martin. We aimed to enhance scanning technology, ensuring compatibility with various barcode variants prevalent in the medical device industry. The scope involved the integration of machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to further augment the app's functionality.


Leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we engineered a modern, fast, and robust cloud infrastructure to support the geographically dispersed user base of KLS Martin. The GCP infrastructure was chosen for its scalability, reliability, and security features, aligning seamlessly with the demands of a dynamic and distributed environment.

The development process involved the creation of an iOS application complemented by a connected web portal. The iOS app was meticulously designed to optimize barcode scanning efficiency while ensuring user-friendly navigation. Machine learning algorithms were strategically implemented to enhance the app's ability to recognize and process diverse barcode formats accurately. Simultaneously, the web portal provided a centralized interface for managing scanned data, offering real-time insights into inventory levels and trends.


Upon the successful development and thorough testing phases, we delivered a comprehensive barcode scanning solution that surpassed the expectations of KLS Martin. The iOS app, equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning and OCR capabilities, offered a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of stock takes. The connected web portal facilitated seamless data management, empowering KLS Martin with actionable insights into their inventory processes.

Our commitment to delivering a solution that not only met but exceeded the outlined objectives ensured that KLS Martin received a cutting-edge tool to elevate their inventory management practices. The successful integration of technology not only streamlined their stock-taking procedures but also set a new standard for efficiency and accuracy in the medical device industry

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