Count field based inventory with ease

Mobile scanning technology combined with count scheduling features that deploys in minutes.


Schedule & assign counts in seconds

We take the hassle out of coordinating count schedules with your teams using our intuitive desktop scheduling system and mobile app.

Assign counts to users and set scheduleds
Mobile notifications for count due dates
bar codes

Read any barcode anywhere, anytime

There are many combinations of barcode formats and standards across the industry, GS1, HIBBC, EAN. We have them all covered!

GS1 Data Matrix , Single Bar Codes and Spilt
No bar code? No problem with our OCR tech

The cost effective way to count inventory

Using our system and mobile app you can deploy the ability to count to hundreds of users in real time, no more need for expensive barcode readers. Scale up user numbers when you need, turn them down when you don't.

No more need for expensive barcode readers
No more hardware upgrade costs when labels change

Everything you need to stay on top of inventory counting

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Using our admin portal you can create and schedule individual counts by location on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis for the next 3 years.
Assign counts to individual users or team depending on your use case. They will be notified of any assignments to make sure count is not missed.
Scan allows you to defined locations and sub locations, allow complete control of count allocations and schedules.
Not sure about the details of the loan you need? Need help with a second loan? We're here to help, 24/7.
Data Extraction
Following completion of count you can extract data to CSV, process it with Scan admin panel or access via API.
Build counting teams within scan for big counts to manage location allocation and workload planning.

Lets start saving you some valuable time.

Arrange your free trial of SCAN today and we'll show you how to count like a pro!
scan in action

No excuses... the easiest to use counting software available.

Paper and a pen, excel spread sheet, bar code gun. We've used them all, we hated all of them! We know stock counts are the most exciting thing in the world so if nothing else the process needs to be simple to get compliance... look no further


View your upcoming scheduled counts in list or calendar view inside your mobile app. Pause and resume counts easily and access completed counts from your home screen.
Get notifications of upcoming counts
Get assigned counts from ops team
Start your own non scheduled count


Using our mobile interface you can scan your inventory, seamlessly switch between barcode types, quickly adjust quantities and check your progress if needed.
All major barcodes types read
Easy to use app interface
Image capture for assets


At completion of the count use the count summary to review items counted and check your results, submit final result and share count with stakeholders via email.
Mobile task notifications for HCP's
Custom product dependant workflow
Track progress on mobile or desktop
how it works

Helping you manage your end to end count process

Performing a stock count is not just a process counting stock, there is a process of creating counts, freezing stock and organising counting personnel. Scan helps you manage the process seamlessly from start to finish.

Create Count

Count co-ordinators in operations teams create locations and count schedules in desktop admin panel.

Assign Count

Count co-ordinators then assign counts to specific users and teams, then select the cadence of the future counts.


Staff which have been assigned counts get notifications of counts, and can use app to see upcoming count schedule.


Once counts are completed count co-ordinators are alerted in real time and can complete reconciliation process.

We've made arranging & counting inventory a breeze

We hate stock counts as much as you! So we built Scan, the simple and intuitive inventory counting co-ordination tool. Assign and schedule counts to you field or internal teams and watch you stock counts happen on time like never before.


Regain control and visibility on inventory especially in field based locations, through software easily deployed to field staff.


Save time for your operations team by giving them easy tools to plan, schedule and assign counts to individuals

Cost Saving

Remove the need to buy expensive barcode scanning hardware and shipping costs associated with deploying it.

User behaviour

Mobile app allows instant deployment and easy to use features that remove the hassle from existing counting practices.


Simple pricing, no surprises.

Per Month
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Single User
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25 users
USD Per Month
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50 users
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Mobile App
Create Counts
Scan GS1 Barcodes
Scan HIBBC Barcodes
Optical Label Reader
Capture count images
Share counts with non app users
View your scheduled counts
Get notified of upcoming counts
Add count notes
Admin Functions
Invite your users
Connect users into teams
Brand your instance
Load your GTIN lookup table
Bulk upload users
Create scheduled counts
Assign counts to users
Assign counts to teams
Over count nofitications
Bulk upload users
Extract counts to CSV
Prebuild reports
Overdue Counts
Items counted annually
Data retention - 3 years
Data retention - 7 years
API integration
Unlimited data pulls

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and learn how we've taken time to build a product that meets the medical device industry needs
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How secure is the system?

Scan is built using latest secure technologies, with data in motion secured using TLS 1.3 encryption protocol, and data at rest encrypted at the storage level using AES256. For more nerd talk, contact us and we'll tell you everything you need to know.clicking here!

What bar codes can Scan read?

All of them! Ok sorry to be specific, we have built the system to read the major medical device encoding standards GS1 and HIBBC, whilst also reading multiple style variants of those standards.

- GS1 Data Matrix
- GS1 1D single line barcode
- GS1 1D Double line barcode
- HIBCC Data Matrix
- HIBCC QR code
- HIBCC double line barcode
- QR Code
- QR Code - Custom parameters
- Optical label recognition

Plus anything else you can think of as we can custom build read modes and methods into the app based on your custom requirements so if you have any questions, let us know here

How long does it take to get started?


Want to use Scan? We can start your branded instance in seconds, have your preference of barcode read mode set up with a few more seconds and then deploy the app to hundreds of your reps via the app store.

No complex setup, no difficult hardware barcode guns to deal with, zero effort programming read modes, and most importantly remove the endless task of contacting field staff to arrange count times.

I have more than 50 users, can I use the system?

You sure can.

Get in touch with us an we'll build you a custom package to support your specific user base.

What are the monthly maintenance costs?

There are no extra costs.

The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden costs. Everything included.

We told you we were here to change the way the medical device industry sees software.

Can I have a discount?

Hmmm tough one...

Let's say maybe... but we need to have a chat with you first and check you are not a crazy internet bot trying to make our lives hell. Get in touchcontact form and we'll see what we can do.