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Connect to Surgeons and Practice Managers

Case helps you connect and communicate with your customers through our mobile app.

Recieve booking requests for equipment and product
Share case related planning notes
Allow connections to see product documentation

Surgical case management made easy

Case provides you a single tool to manage, store and record all the data you have relating to surgical cases.

Booking Info - Date, Hospital, Procedure, Surgeon, ID
Surgeon Preferences for proceedure
Implant usage , Delievery info and case notes

Make kit booking a hassle free task

The easy hassle free way to book the loan kits you need and keep all stakeholders informed.

Simple booking flow for quick booking
Automatically alerts logistics and operations teams
Amend bookings with ease when things change

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Loan Kits
Case allows sales reps, practice mangers or Dr's to request and book loan kits via mobile app. The operations portal allows logistics staff to allocate and track kits against bookings.
Use case to record key customer data against surgeons or hospitals such as key contact information, surgeon preferences, notes and key communication.
Implant Usage
inbuilt scanning technology allows you to quickly scan implant usage from packaging or charge sheets, these get automatically transmitted to you billing teams to accelerate process.
Document Drive
A built in document repository gives all stakeholders access to the right documents at the right time. Secure drive with access privileges to help you manage important business docs.
To do list
Manage you day to day tasks with our intuitive task management list. Allowing you to assign tasks and  against hospitals or surgeons so you can stay on top of everything.
Stock takes
Functionality built into the app the schedules and assigns stock take to mobile users, to make sure your field consignment locations are managed on time, every time.

Find consignment inventory counts a hassle?

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